My first bespoke order

It is still very early days for my little business but things are going well and I love making botanic silks. Five months ago my shop had just opened and a lady from America contacted me about her wedding. She had clearly been organising the wedding for months. Every detail no mater how small was thought about. The wedding was only a few weeks away so timing was quite tight. She wanted to send me 2 swatches to try and match or make ribbons to compliment the bridesmaids dresses but there was not enough time.

After many messages between us I had a plan in mind. Luckily for me the bridesmaids were going to be wearing Jenny Yoo dresses. There are plenty of photos available on line to use as reference. I was also sent some photos.


The colours are beautiful.

This was the first time I had taken a good look at the Jenny Yoo collection. Her dresses are stunning. I started collecting images to help determine the colour. The same shades looked so different in all the photos.


Mayan Blue


Cameo Pink

The bride was going to be wearing an antique wedding dress so wanted a very pale off white grey ribbon for her bouquet. The silks were to be wrapped round the flowers and left flowing to the ground to catch the breeze and add movement.


The final colour for the bride was a soft gentle grey



These silks were made in the smallest batches especially for this bride.



The ribbons dyed beautifully and because they are made using botanics  the colours are so natural and work well together.

I received the nicest email from her saying she was so pleased with the silks and they were just perfect.  I always worry until I know they have arrived safe and sound.

Whilst searching for reference photos for this order I came across a beautiful photo that matched the two colours perfectly.  It was an inspiration.


Photos from Jenny Yoo – Pinterest & customers own




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