Family Traditions


As I get older I take time to appreciate the people and situations I surround my self with. Meaningfulness really plays a big part. I have hit quite a few mile stones in my life and feel disappointed in my self for not capturing them for future generations. I have disks full of photos hidden away that are never seen. It is not the same as holding a photo in your hand. I recently had a few printed and one night we got out all the old family photos and really reminisced. It was lovely and very heartfelt as my husband and I have both lost our parents. Tears of joy and sadness. I have started sending hand written letters instead of emails or short text messages. I bought an old typewriter! It is not as forgiving as my key pad as the delete button is missing. I really want to make an effort this year to cling on to as much from my childhood as possible. I guess it is about getting back to basics. We already shop at our local butchers, bakers and buy as much handmade as we can. Taking time out to slow down a little.

We live in a technology based world. Pushing our boundaries to gain more and more knowledge. All though it makes life on the whole a lot easier and we communicate with people we would never dream of contacting in our every day lives. We overload our brains with others people rubbish, problems and daily activities. I’m guilty I do it! I look at social media daily. However I am starting to filter out all the negativity and leave my self with positive thoughts to dwell on.

Our Own Tradition

My son Kyle is 22 years old. When he was a baby he became quite ill as was in hospital. On admission the nurse asked me if he was christened. This really got us thinking. We arranged for him to be christened at our local church and with all our family and friends. I wanted to have some thing we could keep and start a new family tradition. I thought long and hard and decided it was going to be a blessing candle.

It may seem a little morbid but I asked the vicar to light and bless the candle at the start of the service and blow it out at the end. I then wrapped it and enclosed a letter for the future. The candle represents Kyle’s journey as a christian. It symbolises the light and faith he is able to use to guide him on his pathway through life. The letter will hopefully be kept safe and in many years, long after we are both gone it will be opened at the right time and the instruction will be followed. We have asked for the candle to be lit once more and blessed at the end of his time on earth during his final Christian service. This will help guide him on his way to the next life. I hope his family will do this for him. I feel by doing this we will in some way still be there with him.

Di’s Tradition

I love making botanical dyed ribbons. Most people buy them for wedding bouquets or cakes. I feel very fortunate as quite a few of them contact me weeks later and send me photos of how my ribbons were used. I love looking through the beautiful photos.

A lady called Di contacted me about some ribbons. She explained that every wedding anniversary she puts on her wedding dress. I thought this was such a lovely idea. Last year was her 10th anniversary. She told me they never got many photos together on the wedding day so they decided to have a wedding shoot done. It took place at Mamtor in the Peak District on a hill side one bright breezy afternoon. The photos look like a scene from Wuthering Heights. Absolutely stunning.


Photography by Christopher Waud

A New Tradition For Your Wedding

Blessing Cards

I came up with a new tradition you might like to do. Every guest at your wedding would be given an envelope & card.


On the front of each envelope there would be a year from one to twenty five.


Each guest can write a future message for the couple to open every anniversary. You might get one or five blessings to open each year depending on how many guest you have. Ask them to write something about you both, how you meet, a funny memory or a quote to live by. Ask a bridesmaid to collect all the sealed envelopes. Keep them safe and look forward to reading random messaged from the people you both care about. You might get messages from someone who is no longer here or you don’t see any more. Each year it will bring back memories of your special day.


Keep these precious letters in a keep sake box and pass them onto future generations


A contented mind is the greatest blessing a man can enjoy in this world.
― Joseph Addison


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